Electronic Cigarettes Grow In Popularity

For many loyal electronic cigarette smokers it probably doesn’t come as surprise to find out that e-cigs continue to grow in popularity at a very rapid pace all over the world. This massive growth in demand can probably attributed to many things but I think there are a few key factors that are driving it.… Read More »

Their Nicotine Hit Via Vaporizers

The Atomizer And Cartridge Tank An electronic cigarette or Vaporizer consists of a battery which powers an atomizer. You may desire to use a sleeve adapter on your battery, because the tanks on some cartomizers larger in length than the battery. The electronic cigarette consists of a specific battery, an atomizer and an e-liquid cartridge.… Read More »

The Deal With California And Vaping

Smokers have always been at the receiving end of laws that force them to smoke only in designated smoking areas. This is understandable considering that smoking and second-hand smoke have proven themselves hazardous. What about vapers or the people who use vaporizers? It would seem that they’re about to suffer the same fate as the… Read More »