Where to Buy High-Quality CBD Vape Juice

By | December 25, 2018

CBD Vape Juice has some very unique qualities that make it in high demand over all other CBD vape products on the market.

The mission of producing high-quality CBD Vape Juice and CBD infused products that will offer people the ability to receive the positive benefits of the cannabinoid CBD without the other cannabinoids being present in the product. 

With so many states offering legal medical marijuana most of the manufacturers produce products that contain both THC and CBD because these products are using extracts from medical marijuana plants.

Some are different because we use CBD extracted from the hemp plant, so we can produce CBD Vape Juice and products that do not contain the other cannabinoids.

During the last half of 2018, we went out into the streets of America asking consumers directly about CBD and found that people in America are searching for quality CBD products. This survey provided the following data:

We found that currently the majority of the CBD Vape Juice products that are available:

  • Contain THC; which means people must have a medical marijuana card and live in a state with legal medical marijuana to purchase these products or live in a state that has a legal recreational use status for marijuana.
  • Contain all the Cannabinoids; which means the mg. strength listed on the bottle is for all cannabinoids, not just CBD making the positive benefits less available. Plus these less refined products have a very bad taste that consumers detest and said cannot be covered up easily.
  • Contain low mg. CBD strength per ml.; which means for example if the product is in a 30 ml. bottle with a total of 30 mg. of CBD the ratio is 1 mg. of CBD per ml.

Libre responded by producing the type of high-quality CBD infused products consumers are looking for using pure CBD isolate that is tastelessly extracted from the hemp plant, so Libre products contain only pure CBD that is available in a variety of high mg. per ml. CBD strengths.

The founders of Libre have the shared goal of providing high-quality affordable CBD infused products at an affordable price. Buy CBD Now

Many people ask us what is the difference between CBD from hemp and CBD from cannabis. We put together this information to explain the differences between CBD from these marijuana plants that are different and similar.

Is CBD different if it comes from a cannabis plant or if it comes from a hemp plant? Actually, the CBD molecule is the exact same thing in both the plants.

The hemp and the cannabis plants are also the exact same plant high-quality only difference is the hemp plant has less than 3% THC and the cannabis plant has more than 3% THC. When the CBD molecule is taken from the cannabis plant it can only be used in products and sold within a state that has medical marijuana or recreational marijuana-friendly laws.

To get those type of products you will have to have a medical marijuana prescription and go to a dispensary to purchase the medical marijuana CBD product reviews. The issue is if you want a CBD only product you will not be able to find those without some level of THC because the laws require the dispensary to carry THC products.

If you are dealing with things like anxiety, or panic attacks which can cause an issue because THC can trigger these problems in some people and they will need CBD only products. When CBD is taken from hemp and taken from domestic hemp grow it can also only be sold within that state.

CBD taken from imported hemp is legal because it is considered GRAS (Generally recognized as safe) as a dietary supplement and can be sold legally in all 50 states.

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